Title Loan FAQ

Following are questions our customers frequently ask us about our auto title loans in Miami. If you don't see your question here, feel free to send in the online application under "See How Much You Can Get" and one of our representatives will contact you immediately. We are here 24-7 for you!

What is a car title loan?

Car title loans in Miami are based on the value of your car. It is one of the rare options available to borrowers with bad credit scores. The lender uses the borrower's car title as collateral for the loan. The borrower retains their car throughout the loan and the title is returned when the cash is paid back. Tap into the value of your car with a title loan today.

Will my interest rates be based on my credit, even if I am still able to get a loan?

The interest rates at Miami Car Title Loans are based on you vehicle and industry rates. Get rates as low as 3% with us! There is no credit check, and our rates are some of the lowest in the industry.

Will a representative be contacting my company and the references I provided in the application?

Yes. We are going to be calling your references and employers in order to confirm the accuracy of your application information. Miami Car Title Loans approaches your personal life with in confidence, and we do not divulge the nature of the telephone call so that our agents can ensure your privacy. It is necessary and critical to Car Title Loans in Miami that you are confident in choosing our company.

What if I can pay back my title loan in less than 12 months?

You can finish paying off the loan as far in advance as you would like. We will not charge any pre-payment penalties, or charge you additional interest fees. When you complete payments, there are no fees for being able to pay ahead of time.

What types of payment does Miami Car Title Loans accept?

Payment forms we can accept can include a money order, a certified check or debit cards from VISA or MasterCard.

What are the company hours at the Miami Title Loans offices?

We have multiple locations throughout the state with differing hours. Our customer service office is open mornings through evenings, every day of the week. You can contact us day or night as well on our site.

How much cash can I potentially get for Miami Title Loans?

Get up to $20,000 on a title loan today!

Is there a way I can keep using my car during the loan?

Of course you can. We hold onto the car title, not the automobile. The title is returned when the loan is paid in full.

What paper work will I need to qualify?

The car title of the vehicle needs to be listed in your name with no liens against it, a state-issued ID that is currently valid, and current automobile insurance. For verification, we will need a Social Security card for identity purposes, a phone or utility bill with name and address, a few references, a up-to-date paycheck stub, and a second copy of your vehicle keys.

Now, how do I get my fast money once the online application is finished?

We have hundreds of locations all over the state. To choose your cash pick-up location, all you have to do is inform one of our agents which locations are most convenient for you.